Tristan Rogers – video

6 Blocks Apart with Tristan Rogers & Friends: Studio City Series Chat & Fun Chaos

Tristan Rogers and friends speaks with Studio City's creators, Sean Kanan and Michele Kanan. Includes Teresa Rogers, Tim ...

Tristan Rogers Interview

Tristan Interview.

Video Interview with Tristan Rogers as we discuss the pandemic, The Bay, Studio City, and GH

Daytime audiences recognize Tristan from his portrayal of WSB agent, Robert Scorpio, on the Emmy award winning daytime ...

Tristan Rogers Almost Became Mad Max not Robert Scorpio

Host James Lott Jr is talking with General Hospital's Tristan Rogers as he relates a story about the movie Mad Max and a ...

Tristan Rogers on The View

Tristan on the View talking about GH Nightshift 2- ABC.

The Life and Times of STiff with Tristan Rogers Part 1

The Life and Times of STiff: The Podcast marked the 30th anniversary of Sean and Tiffany's wedding with a show featuring Tristan ...

Tristan Rogers on Fame, Fortune and Romance (6-88)

Tristan Rogers talks about his rise to fame and his singing career on "Fame, Fortune and Romance" in June 1988. (Eternal thanks ...

Tristan Rogers on AM LA (12-10-84)

Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio, "General Hospital") discuss the Aztec Adventure remote and soaps in general on AM LA on Dec.

General Hospital — Robert Scorpio Surprises Anna

Tristan Rogers returns to ABC's "General Hospital" as Robert Scorpio — watch a sneak peek. Follow TVLine on... Twitter: ...

Tristan Rogers at Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors

Bionic Buzz attended the red carpet of the TV taping of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Honors. Host Jaime Monroy got to interview ...

Tristan Rogers - The Love Boat Part 2

Tristan Rogers and Susan Lucci on The Love Boat part 2.

Tristan Rogers on PM Magazine 1982

Just a short little fan clip I found on one of my discs.... Tristan Rogers / A.K.A Robert Scorpio, on PM Magazine - 1982 Fan event ...

Tristan Rogers on The Gary Collins Show - 1982

A small tidbit for Tristan Rogers fans. Aired in either February or March of 1982.

Tristan Rogers - Merv Soapys 1981

Tristan accepting his 1981 Soapy award on Merv.

The Life and Times of STiff with Tristan Rogers Part 2

The 30th anniversary podcast continued with more Tristan Rogers and a surprise revelation about what famous actress he ...

Tristan Rogers on Marie 1-23-13

Tristan looks as handsome as ever!

LIVE Magazine TV Tristan Rogers Brian Neil Hoff

LIVE Magazine TV Episode #1.10 broadcast Saturday, August 25, on KPSE 3:30pm Coachella Valley Lifestyles and ...

The Life and Times of STiff with Tristan Rogers Part 3

In the final 30th anniversary podcast segment with Tristan Rogers, he talks about the wedding and John and Sharon's departure ...

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