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The "5 Bite Diet" - Phase 1 of 4

Congrats on taking this major step in making a change in your life-style! You won't be disappointed! This is Phase 1 of the ...

Randy J. Goodwin. Song "Amelia" in CSI Las Vegas season 4 episode 9 (Myles Rueben)

Randy J. Goodwin. Song "Amelia" in CSI Las Vegas season 4 episode 9 (Myles Rueben)

Randy Goodwin Interview on LoveScapes

A new segment of the show entitled "Finding The Balance" - Couples Successful at Love & Business". Tune in tonight at 10 as ...

Where's Davis? Welcome to my world Intro video

Randy J. Goodwin's journey since playing Davis Hamilton on the hit show Girlfriends.

The Nebraska Cinema Project - Randy J. Goodwin

We are building a viable film industry in Nebraska, with offices in Fremont and Omaha.The Team: Randy Goodwin, Kevin ...

Randy Goodwin

The show is Linc's. The role is Dante the music producer.

Randy J. Goodwin, Chrysler PT Cruiser commercial 2000

First year for the Chrysler PT Cruiser. Randy was seen on the show Linc's, where he played Dante Harrison, and chosen for the ...

A little bit of Randy J. Goodwin

Clips from the shows Abby (sitcom), Kevin Hill (drama), The Old Settler (drama), L.A. Sherrifs: Homicide (drama), Coupling ...

Randy Goodwin and Patrick Stibbs talk Omaha Film Festival

Great having Randy Goodwin and Patrick Stibbs back on the pod! Randy's movie "The Job" will be shown at this years Omaha ...

Kevin Hill, Randy Goodwin, Taye Diggs

Victor meets Kevin at his law firm and flirts with one of the other lawyers.

Caring Community # 23 With Randy Goodwin, Hollywood Actor from Omaha

First of two interviews with Randy Goodwin, guest star on many of your favorite TV shows and movies, plus an ongoing series on ...

Stuff Coming Soon!

Life has been CRAZY!!!! But I'm still here and will be posting new stuff very soon. Stay tuned. God bless! RJG.

TAFC warm up Randy Goodwin Racing

First warm up of the day, checking everything out. Listen to the screw supercharger whine.

Randy Goodwin playing the Steel Guitar Rag

My version of an old classic, Steel Guitar Rag.

Pat and JT Podcast #242 - Randy Goodwin

Actor, Director and Omaha native Randy Goodwin stopped by to talk about his new movie, growing up in Omaha, and a crazy ...

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