Patrick Raitor – video

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patrick raitor and father talk about what the pilots lifestyle is like.

D.I.WINE : DIY Jean Jacket Thrift Flip for TESS CHRISTINE! Valentine's Edition!


Patrick and John Raitor

father and son talk about what its like to be a pilot and a pilots son.

Velocidrone - SFPV - MGR 1.0

Day 20 - This map is really killing me . But i think the time is ok :D If you want to get into fpv drones and drone racing try ...

Rampapalooza 3

Third annual rampapalooza was the heaviest to date. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the local scene and an extra ...

Dealing with disruption in your industry | Patrick Decided

Disruption is really frustrating a lot of people and most people I know are really struggling to hold on to their clients. In this video I ...

Design of a Soft Catheter for Low-Force and Constrained Surgery

This video is associated with an IROS 2017 paper. Authors: Patrick Slade, Alex Gruebele, Zachary Hammond, Michael Raitor, ...

Painting Powder Ridge Black

One month of Falls and Bangers. Skiers Include: Ben morine, Patrick Raitor, Andrew Guggleberger, Hunter Peterson, Sam ...

RestauranTour at iL Tinello

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Interview vidéo Lou Ros

Interview vidéo de Lou ros pour le site

Mike Cammalleri: Control Freak EQ50 Stick

really funny mike cammalleri commercial with easton.

Ewige Liebe ♥ ~ by ShinySprite

D U W I L L S T E S D O C H A U C H ! K L A P P T S O F O R T A U F! Hey, meine Schnuqqis ♥, ja, ich lebe noch :D Ich ...

Short Edit with Jake Brawn

4 hours of work. From the first clip to the upload.


diablox9 sur Mw3 mme dans domes.

Shop Day

A bit of goofing off with The Youth Shelter Supply crew. The Song is not mine, and I do not own the copyright for said song.

Steve Marino - Fluff

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