Omar Al-Fehaid – video

Geography Now! KUWAIT

Robot camel jockeys? Supermodels? Water towers? Get ready for the "Calm big sister" of the Gulf. KUWAIT. Wanna get the same ...

Tourturing muslim in syria

Tourturing muslim in syria.

Kuwaiti athletes suspension

More than 745 days of suspension by the International Olympic Committee on Kuwait. Until when? اكثر من٧٤٤ يوم من الإيقاف ...

stuff you must watch while stuck at home

Shows and movies you must watch while you're stuck at home! Everything I named is definitely worth your time watching. XoXo.

SNAP - Ray Jessel - Easier Said than Done

On October 26, 2014, Ra;y Jessel and his lovely wife, Cynthia graced SNAP (Sunday Night at the Pavilion) with their presence ...

11: Kyle & Makenna Gott — Taking a Chance on Love

KYLE AND MAKENNA GOTT INTERVIEW Kyle and Makenna Gott are married YouTubers who are on the road trip of a lifetime.

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Cher Lloyd - Oath (DS2 Cover)

Daddy Said 2's (Made up of Tilly and Trinity) brand new cover of Oath by Cher Lloyd. I.G ...

What Cesar Millan's Ranch Is Really Like

An inside look at the Dog Psychology Center, introducing you to the family and all the animals! Make sure to like, subscribe, and ...

Bobby Z talks Prince

Prince drummer, Bobby Z, visited the show to talk about all things Prince.

Lili Bernard on Michaela Pereira Show/HLN Comments on Camille Cosby's Post-Verdict Statement

Cosby survivor, artist/actress Lili Bernard on Michaela Pereira Show/HLN Commenting on Camille Cosby's post-guilty-verdict ... ... ...

Mic’d Up: William Moore

Follow hard-hitting safety William Moore around as he leads Atlanta's defense during the Falcons' recent game against the ...

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