Michaela Pereira – video

Michaela Pereira on early tech coverage

"New Day" news anchor Michaela Pereira talks about the beginning of her career, working on a tech TV show.

Michaela Pereira's Ice Bucket Challenge

CNN's New Day News Anchor Michaela Pereira takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Michaela Pereira on the 'New Day' team

"New Day" news anchor Michaela Pereira on her co-hosts Kate Bolduan and Chris Cuomo, and what viewers can expect.

Our Journeys Home Pt. 2 - Michaela Pereira

HLN anchors embark on deeply personal journeys to learn more about their families, and themselves. DNA tests - administered ...

Passion Matters Interview with Michaela Pereira

TV Journalist and Anchor Michaela Pereira shares her thoughts with Fr. Edward L. Beck, C.P. about life, faith, her career...and ...

Happy Birthday Michaela!

Friends from Los Angeles and "New Day" wish Michaela a very happy birthday.

Michaela Pereira tells you all you need to know today

CNN's Michaela Pereira tells you the Five Things to Know For Your New Day.

Michaela Pereira asks you to speak up against bullying

CNN's Michaela Pereira asks you to pledge to speak up against bullying with Cartoon Network. Share your messages at ...

The Screen Savers - Michaela Pereira's Final TechLive Promo On TSS!

Michaela Pereira is going away to LA and this is the last time we're going to see her promote her live show on Screen Savers.

Adaptive Surfing Program featuring Rocky McKinnon on Michaela Pereira's HLN Show

MICHAELA interviews Rocky McKinnon about McKinnon Surf & SUP Lessons Adaptive Surfing Program that provides the ...

Michaela Pereira Message to LA's BEST Staff

Journalist and LA's BEST supporter Michaela Pereira has a message for LA's BEST staff!

New Day's Morning Minute

CNN's Michaela Pereira has a look at the top news stories that you need to know. For more CNN videos, check out ...

Debe Loxton and Michaela Pereira Interview (1:2)

Debe discussing the LA's BEST magic and our core value: Nothing we do is as important as the effect it has on a child.

Michaela Pereira for Beauty Come Forth

Behind the scenes of the cover girl shoot with KTLA Morning News personality, Michaela Pereira.

Lili Bernard on Michaela Pereira Show/HLN Comments on Camille Cosby's Post-Verdict Statement

Cosby survivor, artist/actress Lili Bernard on Michaela Pereira Show/HLN Commenting on Camille Cosby's post-guilty-verdict ...

The Screen Savers - Show Open With Michaela Pereira

Originally aired March 14, 2003 on TechTV.

Stop Bullying: Speak Up I Michaela Pereira I Cartoon Network

Anchor Michaela Pereira Speaks Up! Now it's your turn! Be One in a Million speaking up against bullying.

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