John Cameron Swayze – video

Camel News Caravan - Sept 19, 1952

kinescope of a live network news broadcast. News items include Richard Nixon, Charlie Chaplin (at 13:14), fashion, missiles and ...

John Cameron Swayze intros 1963 Studebakers

Television newsman, John Cameron Swayze, who became famous for his Timex commercials -- "It keeps on ticking" lent his shill ...

1954 - NBC - Camel News Caravan - with John Cameron Swayze

Before there was NBC Nightly News, there was Tobacco Company sponsored Camel News Caravan with John Cameron Swayze.


I find it incredible that the network news divisions allowed their anchormen to do commercials. Swayze wasn't the only anchorman ...

What's My Line? - Beatrice Lillie; Jack O' Brien; John Cameron Swayze [panel] (Nov 4, 1956)

MYSTERY GUEST: Beatrice Lillie [British comedienne]; Jack O' Brien [TV critic] PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, John Cameron Swayze ...

NBC-Plymouth News Caravan, April 18, 1955

Weeknight network newscast anchored by John Cameron Swayze. The lead story was the death of Albert Einstein. Posted for ...

TIMEX. Marlon Waterproof Watches w/ John Cameron Swayze. Television Commercial 1960

A great live spot showing the abuse that Timex can take and still keep on ticking.

60 Years of News on NBC

Recorded from nightly news Insight from John Cameron Swayze to Brian Williams.

TIMEX. Self Winding Watches w/ John Cameron Swayze. Television Commercial 1960

A live segment featuring John Cameron Swayze and some mimes promoting the toughest watch on the block.

Timex Wristwatch Commercial with John Cameron Swayze - 1981!

Here is a commercial for Timex watches, with John Cameraon Swayze, from 1981 - first one I've ever seen IN COLOR with ...

Classic Timex Motorboat Commercial

An old school live TV commercial that goes a little wrong. But not too bad. Includes the famous "Takes a licking and keeps on ...


Millie the porpoise becomes a star after her TV debut. Millie has John Cameron Swayze to thank for her new status as a TV star.

To Tell the Truth - Director of Boys Town; PANEL: John Cameron Swayze (Jan 28, 1958)

PANEL: Polly Bergen, John Cameron Swayze, Kitty Carlisle, Hy Gardner CONTESTANT #1: Dr. Joseph Lollibeld (Podiatrist ...

"Still Ticking" - Timex

John Cameron Swayze in Mexico, "reporting" (in real time) for Timex. - 1962.

John Cameron Swayze 1977 Times Watch Commercial

ANchor John Cameron Swayze in a 1977 commercial for Timex watches.

1963 Studebaker Super Hawk & Lark Ad with John Cameron Swayze

This is an and promoting the Super Lark and Super Hawk. Avanti powered Studebaker Larks and Hawks were capable of going ...

To Tell the Truth - Olympic skater; American bullfighter; HOST: John Cameron Swayze (Feb 25, 1958)

HOST: John Cameron PANEL: Polly Bergen, Robert Q. Lewis, Kitty Carlisle, Hy Gardner CONTESTANT #1: Hays Jenkins ...

To Tell the Truth - NY Yankee Fritz Brickell; PANEL: John Cameron Swayze, Jim Backus (Apr 22, 1958)

PANEL: Polly Bergen, John Cameron Swayze, Kitty Carlisle, Jim Backus CONTESTANT #1: Jerry Mackey (Judo instructor ...

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