Gilbert Gottfried – video

Gilbert Gottfried Reads 50 Shades of Grey

If you like punishment, you'll like this video. Check out Gilbert's latest project, GILBERT GOTTFRIED'S AMAZING COLOSSAL ...

CC Roast of Joan Rivers - Gilbert Gottfried

Another Gilbert Gottfried goodie.

Life of Black Tiger with Gilbert Gottfried (PS4) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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Gilbert Gottfried: The Aristocrats

my favorite joke told from one of my favorite comedians.

gilbert gottfried's REAL VOICE on the howard stern show

rarely heard off-air/non-performing voice. very creepy. starts at around 1:16.

Artie Lange's Halfway House - Episode 3 - Gilbert Gottfried

ARTIE LANGE'S HALFWAY HOUSE features Artie Lange, his co-host Mike Bocchetti and all-time great actor and stand-up comic ...

Gilbert, You're Gonna Get in Trouble Again

Gilbert Gottfried losing his sponsor Aflac. Norm Inspired Merch: Follow Deeply Closeted ...

AA Show with Gilbert Gottfried

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Gilbert Gottfried breaks character to Remember 9-11 (his real voice)

New York comedian Gilbert Gottfried Remembers 9-11 Also from Pop Goes The Culture TV: See ...

Gilbert Gottfried - Missing Out On Julia Roberts

The hilarious and memorable #GilbertGottfried, known for his time on Saturday Night Live, as the voice of Lago in Disney's ...

Gilbert Gottfried Roasts Roseanne Barr

2 roast of all time, 2nd only to Norm Macdonald Roasting Bob Sagat. Honorable mention to all of Greg Giraldo roast appearances.

Stupid Game Show Answers - YOU FOOL! From a 1999 episode of Hollywood Squares, this is one of the most hilarious game show moments ever.

Gilbert Gottfried Moby Dick (Hilarious)

Gilbert casts light on the inspiration behind Melville's famous book.

Gilbert Gottfried cameo on Cold Ones

We live in a society that the Aladdin parrot says poodeepie #Cold Ones #Aladdin #Pewdiepie.

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