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Zodiac signs Skits // Gacha Life [ +12 CUSS WARNING]

Hey guys I'm really sorry for the long break I took but my mental health wasn't the best and I just didn't feel like making any videos ...

Happy pills// GLMV (+11?)

I hope you have a wonderful day ❤️ Instagram: Gachatoast.ty.

Roxanne || GLMV

Have a good day This took like one week, rip.

The knife in my back || •GLMV• [+12]

Sorry for not uploading so long I was a little busy with all the school stuff :3 Instagram: _This_One_Toast_ Enjoyyyyyyyy (;

Tag you‘re it ❤︎// GLMV (+11)

Hoi peeps, Sorry got the break again, but school is really stressing me out uwu I can't promise it, but I will from now on try to post ...

My first time cursing // Gacha Verse

Have a good day/ afternoon/ evening/ night.

Just my type ❤︎ \\ GLMV

Hey there beautiful human, I just wanted to say how glad I am to have you and I'm truly sorry for being so extremely inactive ...

Loyal to me & Slut •GLMV•

I hope you liked the Video.

Kids say the funniest things | GLMV | Inspired by Gacha Toast

kids say the funniest things 《Stalk me: 》

Lily || GLMV

Welllll that took longgggg Got inspired by crazy lunatic :3.


Like my dress bishes.

My boyfriend is a murderer Ep. 1 MONSTER! D:

Join our discord: So people after 2 months I finally continued this series :3 Copyright Disclaimer ...

Gacha Life Toast Glitch + Shout Out!

Gacha Life Toast Glitch Shout Out ▻ Subscribe ▻ Previous video ...

✿ Tears // GLMV ✿ [+11]

Instagram: ✿ ✿ Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” ...

Sweet but psycho. (Hot stepbrother edition)

I know I didn't post Ep. 5 of hot stepbrother yet.. BUT this is a big promise, I promise that Episode 5 will come out THIS week ...

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