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Dan Gow, Against The Current - #7Of30

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dan gow being annoyed by people

Dan Gow from Against The Current being annoyed by other people. Mostly Chrissy Costanza and interviewers. Against the ...

Daniel William Gow

DG is the best! (12/08/2017)


A new journey for Dan and Chrissy has begun. Hello, shippers! (Just for fun!)

Dan Gow being cute for 2 and a half minutes

Dan Gow being cute for 2 and a half minutes it's not a crack video but ... yeee Against The Current (Chrissy Costanza ,Dan Gow, ...

"Lucky"-Jason Mraz (featuring Chrissy Costanza and Daniel Gow of Against The Current Band)

This video is all about 'Gowstanza', if you're a Gowstanza shipper, hope you like it and for those who are not, hope you still enjoy ...

The Journey of GOWSTANZA

Chrissy Costanza x Daniel Gow.

Against The Current (Chrissy, Dan, Will) - Video History

Against The Current (Chrissy Costanza, Dan Gow, Will Ferri) talk about some stories and experiences over the years, spent ...

ATC - Dan Gow refused to sing (Budapest Concert)

It happened on the Against the Current "In Our Bones" world tour concert in Budapest. Chrissy calls Dan a creep for not singing.

Against The Current - Gravity (Official Music Video)


Against The Current - Legends Never Die (Chrissy Costanza, Dan Gow, Will Ferri)

"Legends Never Die" by Against The Current (Chrissy Costanza, Dan Gow, Will Ferri) is the official song for 2017 League of ...

Alex Goot, Chrissy Costanza, Dan Gow & Will Ferri Rockin' Kuala Lumpur

Alex Goot & Against The Current Asia Tour - Kuala Lumpur (August 2014) Check Out Photos From The Event: ...

"Bestfriend" - Jason Chen ( ft Chrissy Costanza & Dan Gow Of Against The Current )

This is a tribute for the gowstanza fans I do not own the copyright of the song. Check out the real video: ...

Dan Gow Singing Compilation

Daniel Gow of Against the Current singing . He has such a beautiful and cute voice it's amazing. Like and Comment for part 2 !!!

Daniel Gow's 30 Second Narrative - What Goes Around.m4v

Phil doesn't quite understand the art of pickpocketing. Daniel's 30second silent narrative piece.

2013 SMOC Daniel Gow boys' 1600 meters

Daniel Gow - Bella Vista High School (Class of 2013) best 1600 meter time of 4:16.03, 800 meters 1:57.01 and 3200 meters ...

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