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Merry Christmas! Enjoy this super random video about nothing at all. Ahaha have a great Christmas and a dope New Years :D.

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Dani and Alex Cimorelli waving for strange people

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Amy Cimorelli and Alex Cimorelli On Instagram Livestream (2/17/18) #PaintIsLife

Amy Cimorelli replying to comments on their new Youtube video 'GUESS THE SONG CHALLENGE' ...

Lauren, Dani and Alex Cimorelli going to a cafeteria

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Here is a compilation of all Cimorelli siblings singing from oldest to youngest. Michael John "MIKE" Cimorelli Christina Llyne ...

Happy Birthday Alex Cimorelli!!

This is my video for Alex Cimorelli hope you like it!!

Lisa Cimorelli, Alex Cimorelli, Amy Cimorelli - Down under Follow me on twitter: Cimorelli - Check out here!

Dani, Lauren, Amy, Lisa, Alex, Christian, Nick and Joey Cimorelli On FBE React Series (2012-2014)

Kids React to Caramelldansen (Ft. Cimorelli) ...

Don't be fooled, we really do know the words.. nottt... hahaha

Lisa Cimorelli and Alex Cimorelli goofing off! :P Somehow Alex and I always end up in Mike's room on the computer at night.....

INTRODUCING: The Cimorelli Boys

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